How can I start custom order?

Ordering your custom pet portrait is easier than ever! How this works. ↓

  1. Send pet’s photograph to thedogcolor@gmail.com

  2. Pick options

  3. Confirm your order!


You can pay via PayPal, or go to Etsy shop, make your purchase via Etsy Shop www.etsy.com/shop/dogcolor
If you have any questions or specific requirements for your custom oil painting, simply contact us  thedogcolor@gmail.com

 Keys to good photograph

  • Close-up (Take photo close to pet’s eyes)

  • Showing eyes

  • Sharp and clear

  • High-resolution file  (2 MB or higher, Smaller than 300k are not accepted to be considered.)

  • Multiple photos help us to see pet’s true colors and personality.

 Smaller than 300k are not accepted to be considered.

“The clearer the photo, better the result.”

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